Raise The Debt Limit…Pour Gasoline On The Fire?

On Raising the Debt Limit

As a young man I was once in a major deal, a negotiation, with a very smart, very successful, exec on my side of the transaction.  He was the president of a large oil and ag company.  I was representing him, and his company, as a broker.  I made the comment about the other guys being “stupid.”  I got a long lecture about “never underestimate the enemy.”  It was advice I took to heart and have never forgotten.

When our Congress and Administration thinks that by raising the country’s debt limit, and by plunging the country deeper and deeper in debt, they are somehow outsmarting all those to whom the country owes money, they are “underestimating the enemy.”  Do they actually think that our creditors don’t know we’re broke?  Do they think by compounding the problem they are somehow solving it?  Again, there is hardly a housewife in this country who’s not smarter and a more competent keeper-of-the-key-to-the-vault than is Congress and the Administration.

It’s time to face the problem, it’s time to understand that our creditors are not going to have an iota of respect for the United States of America if she continues to bury her head in the sand.

If this congress doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude, the guts, the gonads, to face the fact the country has to solve its economic problems, and that pouring gasoline on the fire is hardly the way to put it out, then it may just be time to pick up our pitchforks and physically storm the ramparts and throw the bums out.  TTBO.


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