Self-serve yourself…into poverty!

Self-serve yourself…into poverty!

It looks as if the conservative element might just worm it’s way into again having a little influence into how this government is run, and I hope they’ll have the gonads to run it, not continue to ruin it…although there’s little room to ruin more.

Conservative:  tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions.  Marked by moderation or caution.

Do you think there are any true conservatives left in this country?  Anyone who subscribes to moderation?  God knows, the current administration subscribes to anything but.  Anyone who is interested in conserving the views of the founding fathers…of the Constitution?  I wonder how many in Congress, or who may be heading to Congress, are willing to subscribe to that last sentence of the Declaration of Independence:

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

That is anything but a self-serving statement.  And that was the beginning of what made this country great.  And most of the signers of that document lost their lives, their fortunes, but retained—hopefully with the appreciation, respect, and reverence of all Americans for all these generations since—their sacred honor.  Life and fortune can be taken from you, but not sacred honor, unless you’re willing to forfeit it.

The problem is, in order to run the country properly, Congress has got to back up, and backing up has never been on the American menu.  They have to return this country to moderation, to a mutual pledge, to sacred honor.

Will the farmers, long the basis of America’s economy and responsible for much of the wonderful standard of life we enjoy, back away from the lucrative subsidies they’re receiving?  Why should we take for NOT planting?  Will public employees say, “Our unions have been too successful while Americans slept…maybe we should get real?”  Why should our incomes have increased 38% over the last 10 years while the private sector has increased only 10%?  Will Congress themselves say, “Okay, we took raises while ruining the economy.” Maybe we should take the crowns off our heads and join our fellow citizens in cutting back salaries and perks, thus actually leading by example? Thus demonstrating some disdain for the age old “do as I say, not as I do? Long a concept engendering respect rather than disgust. Will teachers say, “maybe tenure has gone too far?” Maybe we should be paid for what we accomplish with students, not for merely showing up?  Will Congress have the will, the courage, the sacred honor, to take earmarks off the table, and stop worrying about their individual district to the detriment of all other districts and start worrying about the country as a whole before it’s too late?  Will we have the will to attack the liability attorneys in this country and stop obscene liability judgments that are destroying medical care, and put our health care system back on track? And on, and on, and on…all of us need to demonstrate some “sacred honor.”

Will we have the good sense to employ common sense in everyday life, and certainly in the halls of congress, and say to hell with so-called political correctness?  If we don’t, we’re doomed.  Will we have the good sense to tell a ghetto woman that she’ll receive less welfare the more children she has?  Rather than subsidizing her to breed herself into the pocket of every hard-working taxpayer.  That’s common sense, folks.  That’s tough love, and that’s exactly what this country has to learn…tough love.  Tough love yourself, or tough loath yourself for not looking out for your children and grand-children, because if you don’t get on the free-enterprise common-sense bandwagon, your children and grandchildren will wonder what the hell you were smoking, not fiddling, while the country burned.

Those are the kinds of questions we’ll have to deal with before this creeping cancer of greed that’s overwhelming America is put in remission. And it’s not the greed on Wall Street, it’s the greed on main street, it’s the greed in every individual’s heart who takes more than he’s due, who claims he’s got a bad back when he retires so he gets 100% compensation rather than the 80% retirement he worked to attain.  It’s not only the big cheats, but the small cheats, who are ruining this country.  Those who were willing to take the lead of Barney Frank and Harry Reid and the Obamites and lie about their income in order to climb on the phony real estate bandwagon, and almost ruin the world’s economy, not just Americas.  And certainly ruin the economic reputation of America in the world.  That was greed, folks; greed in the hearts of all those who let a greedy mortgage broker allow them to lie.  Greed in the hearts of all of us who don’t take serious, sacred honor.

As the country song says, we need an attitude adjustment, and it’s probably going to have to be a 2 x 4 up aside the head to accomplish it—or at least legislators with some self-respect and sacred honor.  Legislators are going to have to have the gonads to stand the wrath of the economic obese from their home districts, and be willing to be voted out of office for DOING THE RIGHT THING!  Term limits will solve much of that problem, for lame duck legislators have always had far more courage than those who continue to placate in order to save their paychecks.  And it’s not just the economic obese who’ll be after them, it’s everyone whose been hurt by the economy, who’s unemployed, who’s lost a home.  All are going to have to take a big pejorative, a re-evaluation of honor, a hard look at the value of SELF-RELIANCE.  Plant a victory garden, mend that shirt rather than buy another.  It’s come to that, again, in this country.  You can call this merely a recession, but if you do, you don’t pay attention to the 15,000,000 unemployed and the 10,000,000 partially employed or who have taken a job for much less that they formerly earned.  It’s time we turned the tide:  hard work makes a man; hand out, palm up, forsakes a man.

We’ve all allowed ourselves to be self-served to the point of obesity.  We’ve all stood by and said, “take, take, take,” when we should have realized that we were taking the very bone marrow out of our free enterprise system.  Well, it’s hard not to realize it now, for we are, as the old saying goes, up to our ass in alligators.

Still, as soon as our Congressman or Senator says “okay, let’s cut,” then we’ll watch to make sure it’s the other guy who’s ox is gored, not ours.

It’s time for everyone in this country to take a hit so the game can be won, and so we can again find ourselves employed, our real estate worth something, our savings and social security not being eroded by the coming inflation that’s inevitable.

All of us are holding the dime so close to our eyes we can’t see the dollars behind…and what we will eventually see when we have to spend the dime, is a dollar which is only worth a dime.  You can’t print money and not eventually find it’s not worth the paper upon which it’s printed.

I, for one, pray that there is some sacred honor left in all of us, and particularly in those now headed for Congress, who carry with them the sacred hope of those of us who have aimed them there.  Stand up, America, stand up, each and every one of you.

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