Don’t fall for the sniveling and whining of those who don’t want the country to regain fiscal responsibility.  While Harry Reid lives in a $1,500 a night hotel in Washington D.C., while Michelle has $600 lobster lunches…on you, by the way…they claim your daughters and granddaughters won’t get cancer screening, soldiers and mail carriers won’t get paid, and on and on and on if we attack the embarrassing and demeaning and country cratering budget deficit.

That’s BULL CRAP and they know it.

They merely want conservatives to look bad.  They depend upon your stupidity to back their play. The world is watching to see if Americans have any guts, and if the dollar has any standing in the world economy, if the dollar can remain the go-to currency in the world.

While the press shows whining and crying from everyone who might miss a check…there goes their cigarette money…they can’t seem to think ahead to when your children and mine are desperately trying to carry the burden of their irresponsibility.  It’s time to cut government spending ACROSS THE BOARD.  It’s time to stand up Americans and tell the administration and congress to get an ounce of chicken guts and CUT, CUT, CUT and if you whine and don’t support those who want to return to fiscal sanity, it won’t happen, and your children and grandchildren and mine will pay the price.  But then Harry might have to move out of the Four Seasons and Michelle might have to eat a ham sandwich like the rest of us.  STAND UP.

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