Tea Party Flexes It’s….Logic!




This is exactly the kind of the thing the Tea Party should be attacking.  Let folks on the local level understand what knocking big government down to size does for them.

TEA Party Flexes Considerable Muscle

Posted: 08 Aug 2011 06:33 PM PDT

No doubt the Northern Kentucky TEA party is a vibrant and engaged organization.  They have not only gotten behind candidates who dared to challenge the establishment, held the biggest political event of the year but are now poised to dramatically impact policy in the region by helping put the NKAPC issue on the ballot.

The Northern Kentucky Tea Party and the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky turned in more than 24,000 signatures to the Kenton County Clerk’s Office on Aug. 8, which could allow the dissolution of the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission to appear on the November ballot.

The two groups have been speaking out against the NKAPC, feeling the planning and zoning process can be more streamlined and questioning the NKAPC’s taxing abilities. In recent months, the two groups have been working to collect enough signatures to get a referendum on the ballot, staging petition drives all over the county. Per Kentucky law, they needed to collect signatures of at least 25 percent of the previous registered voters in the last presidential election, which amounted to 17,941 signatures.

At the courthouse, HBA President Brian Miller and Tea Party activists Terry Donoghue and Garth Kuhnhein turned in 24,698 signatures, to the delight of about a dozen Tea Party members who were on hand.

“I think this shows the great support for this in the community,” said Kuhnhein. “This is an exciting day for us, to see the outpouring of support we have.” [NKy.com]

It is indeed a good day to see ordinary people becoming engaged in the political process.  No matter which way the vote goes on the referendum, the fact that people are standing up to say “we’re not going to just take it anymore” should give hope to the rest of the community that “we the people” still have something to say about our future.

Congratulations to the Northern Kentucky TEA party.

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