Thank God, They’re Out There

You know, I have great faith in the silent majority.  Sometimes they arise and their silent action shouts across the land.

Last month the owner of a small store in Union Grove, Wisconsis, was asked to display a placard in her window, “Support The Unions.”  She refused.  She received a letter from the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, asking her to reconsider.  Ms. Dawn Bobo is a self-described conservative and Republican, and I guess got her back up when the American Federation threatened, “Failure to do so will leave us no choice but to boycott your business.”

But there are some thinking citizens of Wisconsin (I knew they were there) and Ms. Bobo says her business has quadrupled since the television and radio stations picked up and broadcast the story.

The executive director of the union said, “some overzealousness in the field.”  I guess Marty Bell, said director, never heard of the concept “the buck stops here.”  Eddie Vale who’s head of the AFL-CIO said there are “no official union organized boycotts in either Wisconsin or Ohio.”  Well, Eddie, I hope you organize some as I’m sure the good hardworking small business owners of both states could use the additional business.

The truth is a group of unions including teachers, fire-fighters, and police boycotted Marshall & Ilsley Bank of Milwaukee and Kwik Trip stores because employees of both companies supported conservative causes.

There’s nothing wrong, in fact I support voting with your dollar bills.  It’s the good old American way.  And I’m thrilled to see the citizens of Wisconsin voting with theirs.

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