This bodes badly for sanity….

I’m truly saddened by the liberals bragging that they’ve elected a liberal to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, replacing an incumbent conservative justice. If this is true, it bodes very badly for the country, for the ability of those of us who want to see fiscal sanity in government, for those of us who pray that we not let the federal, state, and local government tit suckers take over the country…for the short time it will take them to bankrupt us the rest of the way.  If Wisconsin hasn’t learned, the rest of the country may follow down this road to ruin…we’re all circling the drain.

It seems to me that the only solution to fiscal sanity is bankruptcy for more than half our states.  What is it about being broke that these liberals don’t understand?  It’s not one in three of us suffering from mental illness, it seems they may be in the majority.

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