Unions, A Thing Of The Past?

It seems Right To Work states enjoy a ‘growth advantage.’  The U.S. Commerce Department just released its estimates for 2011 state personal income.  It seems there’s a strong correlaion btween compulsory unionism and economic growth…or the lack thereof.  From 2001 to 2011 twenty-two states had Right To Work laws, prohibiting forced union dues. Last month Indiana became the 23rd Right To Work state.  During that ten year period real compensation in Right To Work states grew at 12.5% while union states grew at only 3.1%; and employment grew at 2.4% as opposed to a loss of 3.4% in union states.

Time changes all things, and it’s become join a union and make the union bosses fat and filthy rich, rather than join a union and get better working conditions.  State and Federal laws have replaced unions in protecting the work place and workers.  Unions are out of date, and like spoiled milk, should go down the drain.  Among the worst things ever to happen to America was John Kennedy allowing public unions, and among their many other sins, they are breaking the country with excess perks and retirement.

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