Unions…who cares about the rest of the country?

Unions, self-centered, stingy, self-serving, and I could go on and on

Who cares about the rest of the country…not unions

Do unions get so enamored with their power that they don’t give a damn about the bigger picture?  Obviously so.  Time and time again they say “doesn’t matter if the country goes broke.”  Imbeciles?  No question.  What is it about holding the dime so close to their eyes that they can’t see the dollars behind it?  If we don’t all pitch in, this problem will never be solved, and union jobs will go down with the rest of us.  They are circling the drain, and must be too stupid or just too stingy to get it?

This from Western PAC:

The lone Republican on the San Jose (California) City Council, Pete Constant, wants to save the city $70,000 annually by performing his own secretarial work and not hiring an assistant to aid with the city’s $100 million budget deficit. Rather than thank him for acting fiscally responsible, the Confidential Employees Organization, a public sector union representing Council employees, filed a lawsuit demanding that he fill the position regardless of the city’s financial situation.

The president of the employees association, La Verne Washington said it is not Constant’s prerogative to create his own ”process and procedures,” which she says conflict with labor agreements between the city and the union.” She elaborated by saying, “This was a process the city designed well before Pete Constant got there.”

This issue underscores the problem with collective bargaining agreements for public sector unions. Contracts such as this have created hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer liabilities and hinder the ability of government agencies to make cuts when funding does not meet financial needs. In the end, it is the taxpayers who are expected to make up the difference, which explains the negative sentiments most Americans feel toward public unions.

In the long-term, this sort of posturing will hurt the very employees the unions claim to represent. As cities and states teeter on the edge of bankruptcy, many of these “golden goose” contracts will be voided, causing thousands to lose their jobs. If the unions were truly concerned with the wellbeing of their memberships, they would come to the table to work on solutions to assure the long-term survival of states and municipalities and, ultimately, the jobs of their members.

For years, public sector unions have spent billions electing pro-union politicians who will vote favorably on wage and benefit packages for government employees. It is a game of power at any cost, which unfortunately places these costs on already over-burdened taxpayers.

After years of being told, “If we love the children, we have to pay,” American taxpayers have finally had enough. The victory in Wisconsin is the first battle in a long war that we must win if we are to return our nation to sound financial ground. While most Americans are suffering from the economic downturn, union posturing will ultimately backfire and continue to turn public support against the public sector unions to their own demise.

We need more politicians like Pete Constant who are willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of those who elected him into office. The decision is now up to the California Labor Relations Board, and we can only hope they will make the right choice. We do not need unions using their political influence to continue the drain on taxpayer wallets.

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Unions were important when we had few laws to protect the worker.  They’ve outlived their necessity.

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