When Did America Make Royalty Out Of One Group Over Another?

When Barack Hussein Obama took office, that’s when. When Obama instructed federal agencies not to consider bids on federal projects unless the bidder was a “union” company, that’s when. Oh, not quite true. A bidder can be a non-union company, so long as during the contract it’s employees pay dues to the union, a good portion of which, as was proven by the last election, flows back into the coffers of the president and his party. Isn’t there a word for that? Is GRAFT the correct word?

This from the teaparty.net:

One of Barack Obama’s first acts as President was to issue an Executive Order telling federal agencies that they must consider “union only” project labor agreements on all federal construction projects. A PLA is an agreement that only union members can be employed on the project. If a non union contractor wins a bid, it has to either force its employees to pay union dues or get its new employees from a union hall.

(And, as you can well imagine, when the President of the United States tells his appointed political flunkies in the bureaucracy that they “must consider” a policy, it is as good as done.)

This has been an outrageous boondoggle delaying contracts and driving up costs all in the name of paying off the Union Bosses for their help in getting him elected.

Now Congress is in a position to put a stop to this nonsense! Congressman John Sullivan of Oklahoma has introduced the “Government Neutrality in Contracting Act,” H.R. 735, which makes it clear that it is the policy of the government of the United States NOT to discriminate against construction companies because they don’t have a union contract.

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