A Time To Restore Greatness….

Glenn Beck: Reagan was right then, and he’s still right today

As we celebrated over the weekend what would have been the 100th birthday for the late President Ronald Reagan, many reflected on what he did in his 8 years as POTUS. When he took office the country was in economic turmoil and we faced the formidable threat of communism as the Cold War intensified. While things looked bleak, Ronald Reagan had a plan for the country, and it proved to be highly efficient. Ronald Reagan’s son Michael recently published a book detailing that plan and how we can apply it to the problems we currently face as a nation.

This plan has taken the nation by storm. So much that even conservative firebrand Glenn Beck has taken notice. Recently on the Glenn Beck radio program he said:

“It’s time to restore America’s greatness, and we can by following the blueprint in a new book called ‘The New Reagan Revolution.’ Reagan was right then, and he’s still right today. Read it. ‘The New Reagan Revolution’ for a better America.”

Our country is facing a number of challenges, most of which were caused by the ineptitude of the Obama Administration. It’s time we took a look back in history to determine how to meet those challenges. Ronald Reagan had a plan and it worked, it’s time to revisit that. Get “The New Reagan Revolution” today for FREE when you order Townhall Magazine.

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