All Stinking Political Roads Lead To Chicago….

Who is Gloria Allred who is representing Sharon Bialek, who’s accused Cain…accused Cain many, many years after the supposed harassment incident?

Gloria Rachel Bloom was born to a Jewish family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 3, 1941. After graduating from thePhiladelphia High School for Girls, she attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she met her first husband. In 1961, the couple had their only child Lisa on September 20, 1961, and, shortly after, divorced. Lisa Bloom is also an attorney and is best known as a former Court TV anchor.

Gloria Bloom moved back in with her parents and continued her education. In 1963, she earned a bachelor’s degree in English, graduating with honors. She tried her hand at a variety of jobs before she decided to become a teacher, taking a position at Benjamin Franklin High School. She began work on a graduate degree at New York University, where she became interested in the civil rights movement, then gaining momentum. After earning a master’s degree, she became a teacher and, in 1966, moved to Los Angeles, California, and lived in Watts.

In 1968, she married William Allred. They divorced in 1987.[4] She graduated from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, and she was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1975.


Let’s see, do you suppose Gloria is a registered Democrat?  She chose to live in Watts when she returned to L.A.?  Let’s see, does Ms. Allred chase ambulances to find, and possibly help create, harassment lawsuits?  I don’t know, and can only speculate.  However, her lawsuit against Republican Governor Schwarzenegger  was thrown out.  Why didn’t her client, supposedly Republican registered, Sharon Bialek (I’ll bet registered so in the last month), bring charges against Cain at the time the alleged incident happened.  And, by the way, it supposedly happened at a supper “appointment” to discuss employment.  How many sexual gropings have you seen in a public restaurant by a married man.  A black man groping a blond.  In Montana the likelyhood would be that he was beaten to within a  inch of his life by other male diners…no matter him being black or white, but particularly because it was black on white, black man on blond woman.  That’s still the reality of our society.  It’s my bet that this so called groping, if it happened at all, was a reach across the table to cover her hand with his, and even the possible invitation to join him in his hotel room.  That same sexual harassment will happen about two million times across this land this evening.

But Gloria will get paid a large fee (probably originating from the coffers of George Soros) and the liberal media will have another buzzard feeding frenzy.

As do all the allegations against Mr. Cain, this one stinks of Chicago politics at it’s worst, and it doesn’t get any worse than Chicago.



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