Aren’t the real racists the ones who keep bringing it up?

As a great supporter of Alan West, I don’t think I have to answer to anyone about my beliefs on the issue of race.  Herman Cain, as you may know has proved himself in the world of business.  The neighborhood organizer couldn’t hold a proverbial candle to the man….

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Tea Party Racists Love Cain

I just love listening to the Liberal talking heads and their media lapdogs who refuse to challenge them.  If you listen to blabbermouths like Chris Matthews and others of his ilk, you would think that we Tea Party members have all been fitted for white robes and hoods.  You would think we’re all collecting fuel for the next cross burning and are preparing to start a race war.

I am of Hispanic heritage (and Catholic) so I would be as welcome at the next Klan or Neo-Nazi rally as would a Black Panther.  In fact, I’m sure the Black Panthers wouldn’t want my help in attempting to intimidate White voters either.  Thank goodness the Tea Party will accept me amongst their “racist” ranks.

So why is it that so many Tea Party members were impressed with Herman Cain after last night’s debate in South Carolina?  I was under the impression that the Tea Party was racist because of their opposition to President Obama.  If the Tea Party is opposed to Obama, why would they want to replace him with another Black President?

You already know the answer-why did the Tea Party support Allen West and Marco Rubio in Florida?  Substance over style.  These gentlemen clearly represent the America we know and love despite their differences from “White” America.  Herman Cain is very much in the vein of West and Rubio, and I believe he would make a better President than the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

America is the land of opportunity, regardless of your skin color.  We’ve elected our first Black President who has also turned out to be our most Socialist and polarizing President.  We’ve broken the color barrier-now let’s expand our horizons and vote for a President based on character instead of skin color.

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