Idiots, Idiots, Idiots….

An example of the idiocy of the liberal press:

From The Daily Beast by Michael Tomasky

Lots of smoke Saturday. Let’s cut right through it: In a phrase, President Obama appears to have cut a deal with the Republicans, on their terms, or about 98 percent of them. Democratic congressional leaders are trying to push back but are up against it, with Harry Reid having pushed the cloture vote on his plan back from 1 a.m. Sunday to 12 hours later as he scrambles to try to find the votes to pass his version of a compromise. Jonathan Karl of ABC News was the first to report the Obama-GOP deal as fact in this short piece that was posted at 10:39 p.m. Saturday night. If he’s right—and it smells like he is—it’s a bleak day for this presidency, and really in American history, as we’ve now embarked on a path that’s very likely to lead to huge cuts in entitlement programs, the domestic budget, and more or less everything every Democrat in Washington (except, apparently, one) wakes up to fight for every day.

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Why do I say “idiocy?”

He’s worried about huge cuts in “entitlement programs.”  Well, the portion of entitlement programs that the government has turned into welfare should be cut.  If you didn’t pay in, you shouldn’t get out.  I have no problem of widows of payees collecting their dead spouse’s SS, so long as their own is not up to the average wage in the U.S.  But what we pay to illegal aliens, or to anyone who didn’t pay in should be considered welfare, not “entitlement.”  Huge cuts in the domestic budget?  That’s exactly what’s necessary to solve the problem.  When the budget is 1.5 trillion more than the government’s income, of course the domestic budget should be cut, cut, cut.  And yes, almost every Democrat in Washington wakes up to fight to continue the ruination of the country.

Mr. Tomasky, you’re an idiot.

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