Letting Loughner Plead!

“The voice of thy brother’s blood

cries unto me from the ground.”

——Genesis 4:10

What kind of sick society allows a heinous killer to recline in a jail cell, get three free hot meals a day, use a weight room, watch television, and play cards, chess, cribbage, and other games for the rest of his life while the victims of his crimes are forgotten by all but their loved ones.

Even those crimes that were once in doubt, and detainees later proven innocent by DNA evidence are a thing of the past.  DNA is now a matter of hours, not months.  And in cases such as Loughner and the movie madman, their guilt is in our face daily.  It’s ludicrous to ignore.

It’s far to easy in this society for prosecutors to deal away the memories of victims and win a conviction, rather than win retribution, in today’s legal system.  A “conviction” being many years or even life in jail, rather than true justice.  They then run for district attorney with a perfect prosecution record, rather than any sense of protecting society.  Those are hollow wins with victims rotting in graves or being thrown to the wind as ashes, while criminals revel in the security of three hots and a cot, and lots of entertainment.  And prosecutors win a district attorney’s seat and twice the income with their record of “wins.”  One of our current societies great jokes.

It’s time we remember the victims.  It’s time we think daily of those who writhed in fear and agony for minutes, hours, days, months, and at times years before dying, all at the whim of some miscreant who cared more for himself than for others.  It’s too bad we don’t have “pain and fear” TV, so each of could actually feel the pain and fear of the victim who we see on TV as a body bag.  I think there’s a very good chance conviction and capital crime punishment would increase exponentially if so.

It’s time we cared for the miscreant as well, cared that we rid society of the cost of his care and entertainment.  Yes, at times it takes years to get him to the needle, but his knowing it’s coming is it’s own form of punishment.  He should know it’s coming in a much shorter time, making his remaining time much less enjoyable.

We should have a law to either enforce the death penalty within two years of conviction, or release the a-hole to take his chances with the family/families of the victims.  I, for one, would make life very uncomfortable for anyone who hurt my loved ones.  At least as uncomfortable as he made his victims, which is my idea of justice.

And by the way, the original Hebrew version of the ten commandments said you shall not murder, not you shall not kill.

Wake up, folks, and remember the victims.

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