Obama, a milquetoastian core…the president himself being Wonk-in-chief

Rahm is leaving to run for Mayor of Chicago….

From The Daily Beast:

Rahm-like-figure is all the more needed with a president in the Obama mold, it would seem. Obama has a tendency to waffle or backtrack (e.g., the Ground Zero mosque pronouncements); to wring hands (e.g., the surge delay in Afghanistan); and to talk on both sides of a question (e.g., banks are evil/bankers need to be appreciated). There is, to Obama, a milquetoastian core, one that needs perpetual strengthening by an inner-sanctum bruiser. Cut to Rahm.

He cajoled, bullied, clubbed heads together, and kicked grown men in their delicate parts, all in the service of party and administration.

Every successful administration must comprise a mix of Wonks and Enforcers, and without Rahm Emanuel, the Obama administration will be woefully ill equipped in the Enforcer department. To compare with presidents past: President Reagan had Ed Rollins and Lyn Nofziger as his enforcers; David Stockman, Martin Anderson and George Shultz were his wonks. President Clinton had himself, his wife and Jack Lew for wonkery, and James Carville for enforcing/thuggery. Even after the departure of the economics triumvirate, there are still plenty of Wonks in the Obama administration, the president himself being Wonk-in-chief. But Rahm’s departure wrecks the Enforcer quotient.

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