The Cain Conundrum

The cain Conundrum

by L. J. Martin

cainHow to keep a good man down.

CNN ran more stories in the past week on the Herman cain accusations than they did dring the whole past presidential campaign on Obama’s relationship with “I hate America” Jeremiah Wright, “How about I buy you the lot next to your house” Tony Rezko (whose prison sentence was just delayed again), and  “mad bomber Communist Weatherman” Bill Ayres.  Let’s see, you can run with scum sucking America hating pigs but not make a pass at a woman?  If cain even did so.  Where is our sense of balance in the U.S.?  Where’s our common sense?  Long dead, I fear.  America would prefer to appoint a supreme court justice, a woman, who made more than merely a pass at a woman, or a man known as “Long Dong Silver” to his associates whose accuser of sexual harassment came into the congressional committee hearings and made her accusation public…and both were accepted as arbiters of American laws in the highest court in the land and interpreters of our most cherished heritage, the Constitution of the United States of America.  Arguably far more important “lifetime” positions than merely president.  Of course, both were Democrats, and the press holds Democrats to a different standard.

The liberal media (by far the predominate media in this country) seems to enjoy having their hand on the rope of the guillotine.  If we could only count the chills going down Chris Matthew’s leg?  The talking heads enjoy the macabre power they hold over the fate of the country.  They enjoy the fact they put a community organizer whose background was never challenged in the White House and are destroying a man who has a masters degree in Math, worked on missile ballistics for the Navy, was a VP of corporate data systems for Pillsbury, all by the age of 35.  In three years he took the money losing 400 Burger King restaurants in the Philadelphia area and made them profitable and the company’s best performers.  Cain took charge of the almost bankrupt Godfather Pizza chain at Pillsbury’s request and made them profitable in 14 months, then engineered a buyout of the chain.  He became the chairman of the National Restaurant Association, working closely with government then became an advisor to the Federal Reserve System advising on how monetary policy changes would affect American business.  Then, rising again, he became chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, one step below chairmanship of the entire Federal Reserve system.  Oh, yeah, and he may have said “hey, baby” along the way.  And, oh, yeah, he could do the same thing, foist astounding success and change upon the bankrupt corrupt system that has destroy the status and economic health of the United States of America.

Oh, yeah, and along the way he became the author of a number of books on leadership, including “Leadership is Common Sense.”  Do you think the title and content of that book rang my bell, since I harp on that missing ingredient in American government, common sense.

And about those accusations against Cain which so far are only echoes from a deep black hole.  Do you think the press might be interested in the political registration of the accusers?  One of whom works for the government, which means the odds are 95 to 1 she’s a registered Democrat.  What to you bet each of them is a registered Democrat?  Do you think the press might be interested in the financial health of the accusers?  Do they need a little infusion of cash? I wonder, have they made any large deposits lately?

As far as I’m concerned there may just be the biggest crime against the country going on, in plain sight, in fact on screen, since the assassination of Abe Lincoln.

Does anyone remember the incident of Anthony Weiner, of Long Dong Silver  Clarence Thomas, of our own lovable Bubba Clinton?  Saying “hey, baby,” is not a crime against the country, saying “hey, he said, hey baby” when it may or may not have happened and the resultant lawsuit, or threatened lawsuit, may have happened merely for monetary gain, is a moral crime, and maybe far worse for the fate of the country.

Aren’t we sick of this kind of personal cheap shot politics, no matter the party?

Charge forward, Herman; God knows we need some common sense in dumbed-down D.C.

Charge forward, before it’s too late to save this stumblebum that our country has become.

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