$50,700, Crawl Out Of Your Stroller And Pay Up, Snookums.

You now owe $50,700 the moment you’re born, as does every other American citizen. Thanks Congress; thanks most of the former administrations, both Democratic and Republican; and particularly thanks to our current administration who’s accumulated as much debt in the last three years as all former administrations PUT TOGETHER.

I hope you’re as appalled and incensed by that as I am.

But you say, “how about Clinton, didn’t Clinton balance the budget?”

Do you remember who was Speaker of the House during the Clinton administration, Newt Gingrich, that’s who.  Do you remember that the Republicans controlled Congress during the Clinton administration?  As much as Clinton wanted to put you in debt, Gringrich said “NO” and in fact brought the government to a halt in order to put a lid on spending.  I wish Republican primary voters would have remembered that during the recent candidate selection, however, in the final analysis, I think Romney the more electible of the two, and we MUST STOP the current administration from another four years, from driving the final nail in the coffin of the country.

Don’t vote for the man, vote for what he has done, what he has a accomplished.  Vote for true change.  At the end of the next four years, if the current administration stays in office, your child our grandchild will be born into $200,000 of debt.  Ludicrous and appalling.

And don’t, don’t, don’t vote for a 3rd party candidate who has no chance of winning.  That’s the same as a vote for Obama, for debt, debt, debt.


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