Again, I agree with my Democratic Senator….

Dear Larry,

This week, the Senate is considering an extension of the Patriot Act. As we started debate this afternoon, I made it clear that I will vote against extending this controversial law.

Click here to watch my speech.

I’ve opposed the Patriot Act for years — since before I began serving in the Senate. It was sold to us as a toolbox to find, fight and kill terrorists. Instead we got a law that is killing the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution.

When we give up our rights, we give way to exactly what the terrorists want for us: fewer freedoms and less privacy.

I support our troops and intelligence professionals. They are better trained, smarter and stronger than any other force in the world. They do what they do without needing to snoop in the private lives of law-abiding Americans and Montanans. Without having to dig up your medical records, or your gun records, or your library records, or your internet records.

Earlier this year I voted against an extension to the law, and I will again vote NO this time around. Our constitutional freedoms are too valuable to compromise away.

Be well and keep in touch

Jon Tester

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