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WisconsinWill you be the hammer or the nail in this fight for your freedom, your self-reliance, your very country?  Stand up, America, back the Wisconsin governor…

Wisconsin is the first battle in a long war to bring America back to prosperity…pitch in.

This from RedState:

The Battle is in Front of You: What are YOU going to do about it?

Get Connected. Get Engaged. Get Activated…Or Get Crushed.

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Thursday, February 17th at 10:15AM EST

At this very moment, the battle for America’s future is happening in states all around the country as newly-elected governors try to wrest control from tax-eating unions. Today’s battle is just the beginning of what America will be facing through 2012 and beyond. It is a battle that, if lost, will likely have catastrophic consequences on the fiscal well being of many of the states and, as a result, the nation as a whole.

Nowhere is the fight the loudest than in Wisconsin, where over 10,000 union supporters protested Madison’s Capitol Square on Tuesday and about 1,000 protesters demonstrated outside Governor Scott Walker’s private home Tuesday night. Hundreds of union protesters also packed Ohio’s statehouse on Tuesday to condemn Governor Kasich’s efforts to stem the union bosses’ power and reign in out of control spending. In Indiana, hundreds of Steelworkers descended on the Hoosier’ statehouse to protest unemployment reform as well. Even in New York, with a Democrat governor, unions are spending millions on fighting reform.

Make no mistake, this is a battle for America’s economic future. It is one that will ultimately decide whether Americans will be enslaved by debt created by a government beholden to public-sector union bosses, or whether some sort of fiscal sanity can be restored before the system collapses due to the weight from years of cronyism.

As labor activists strategize for “class war,” Leftist union bosses also know they may be losing their grip on taxpayers’ throats and they are desperate to keep it there. They’re not going to let go easily either. They’re organized and they have millions to spend on marches, sickouts, protests, candlelight vigils, and advertising.

So, the question becomes, what are YOU going to do about it?

The answer to that question is simple: Get Connected. Get Engaged. Then…Get Active.

Last weekend, at CPAC, Freedomworks rolled out a new tool for Americans interested in preserving their liberty to use. It’s called FreedomConnector and it is a powerful tool for getting connected, getting engaged and getting active.

Similar to a ning site, FreedomConnector is more than that. It is a platform to put activists together with other activists; groups together with other groups, as well as a way to coordinate events and activities across the country.

Freedomworks has obviously put a lot of resources into building FreedomConnector, as FreedomWorks’ Chairman Dick Armey stated in a note to activists:

While its greatest potential may be for GOTV coordination in 2012, FreedomConnector can be used today to plan meetings, and, most importantly, to engage in precinct activism now.

OFA has already begun ramping up its ground game for 2012. In order to defeat the Left-winged leviathan, Republicans, Tea Party activists, as well as independents are going to have to collaborate and coordinate their strategies precinct-by-precinct nationwide.

As Coldwarrior has been telling us for a while now, there is no better way to succeed in taking over the Republican Party and, thus, the nation, than through the Precinct Committeeman Project. It’s a very simple strategy and FreedomConnector makes it even easier.

Over the last few days, Coldwarrior, Ron Robinson (PROCINCT), and other RedStaters have set up the Precinct Action Committeeman Strategy (PACS) group on FreedomConnector. If you’ve ever wondered about precinct activism, getting onto FreedomConnector and joining the PACS group is a great way for you to learn by connecting with other activists, engaging with them and sharing your stories or utilizing their expertise to help you get involved in precinct activism. The other side’s ground game is well-organized and well-financed. Using FreedomConnector as a way of beefing up precinct activism is a “force multiplier.” It’s that simple.

The Precinct Committeeman Project is “bottom-up politics” that enables the average citizen to not just figuratively take the Party over and take the Country back, but do it literally. FreedomConnector is a great tool for facilitating those efforts.

As you watch the events unfold at the state level, sitting on the sidelines in these battles will only ensure one thing: Victory for the Left. If you are not already connected, engaged and active, sign up to FreedomConnector and join the PACS group.

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Wisconsin is the first battlefield in the war to save this country from the oysters who want to lay around and let their sustenance come to them from the rest of our hard work.  Why should the public sector, in those “so called” service jobs, have had their wages increase 38% in the last ten years while private sector wages increased only 10%?  WE THE PEOPLE, the taxpayers who have been beaten to a pulp by the unions, have to stand up, and stand up NOW.  It’s time to drive the pigs away from the trough.

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