Another astute observation from the kitchen…Neil Kitchen

In the great

State of Wisconsin

Unions blissfully

Brought change to bear

With grand entitlements

Only public employees could share.

Unions placed a fox

In the public’s coup

A change the majority of voters

Now rebuke.

It is really no great surprise

The public’s coup of chickens

Were all eaten before sunrise.

Now it is time

For a change of venue

The voters want public chicken

Taken off the Union menu.

Angry public employees

Crawl the capital rotunda

Like mites

Frantically fighting to preserve

Union bargaining rights.

Obama jumped in

This rancorous debate

To save Wisconsin

As a swing state.

He knows Unions

Must remain strong

Without the Unions

Demos in Madison

Will like the state’s public’s chickens

Be long gone.

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