Arizona is D.C.’s whipping boy….

This from The Center For Individual Freedom:

It simply wasn’t enough to sue the State of Arizona and drag it before the United Nations for trying to secure its border and protect its citizens against violent illegal alien cartels…

… Now, Barack Obama has unleashed his fury on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Reports have surfaced that the Obama Department of Justice (the same Obama Department of Justice that dropped a slam-dunk voter-intimidation suit against the New Black Panthers) is suing Sheriff Arpaio and sending an unmistakable message to law enforcement officers across America… Enforce our immigration laws and face the full wrath of the United States Government.

Make no mistake. The Obama administration is using every resource at its disposal to destroy Arpaio and advance its Amnesty agenda. But don’t take our word for it. Sheriff Arpaio stated without equivocation:“These actions make it abundantly clear that Arizona, including this Sheriff, is Washington’s new whipping boy. Now it’s time to take the gloves off.”

We could not agree more, And yet, the silence from Congress is still inexcusably deafening.

And the time is here and now for our so-called elected leaders in Congress to take a stand. Either they support Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Sheriff Arpaio, the people of Arizona and the overwhelming majority of Americans who support Arizona’s efforts to secure its borders… or, they support Barack Obama’s smear tactics against the leaders in Arizona and his open borders agenda.

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