At The Limit….

Well, the U.S. has reached it’s $14.3 borrowing limit.  Now we’ll see if the conservatives in congress, and the American people, have any guts.  We’ve got to quell the voracious appetites of the liberals who so desperately want to ruin the country, to load your children and mine with horrendous debt from which they would likely never recover.  NOW IS THE TIME to stop spending beyond our means.  NOW IS THE TIME to get the vote buyers out of congress and send them packing with their fat pensions.  NOW IS THE TIME to return to constitutional government and begin to heal this sick beast that is the American economy, the American attitude toward spend today pay tomorrow.  NOW IS THE TIME to make things right.  And I pray that congress, and all of you out there, don’t crater.

Republicans in congress are holding fast at not raising the debt limit unless Democrats cut spending.  Republican House Speaker Boehner said, “There will be no debt limit increase without serious budget reforms and significant spending cuts.”  He didn’t say what he should have said, “Without a balanced budget.”  White House spokesman Jan Carney said “We need to have a vote to lift the debt ceiling.  And those who suggest otherwise are whistling past the graveyard.”

Well, Mr. Carney, I, for one, would rather whistle past the graveyard than whistle while dirt was being thrown in my face, and that’s exactly what Democrats want to do, bury the country.

All Congress and the Administration talk about is the possibility of our defaulting on the payment of interest on government bonds.  How about some 20 hour a day action on cutting spending?  Why is that subject never heard coming from Obama and Democrats…and damn seldom from Republicans.  Oh, yeah, all those voters you’ve paid off with welfare and student loans and cushy jobs in the Department of Labor (and the rest of our far, far overweight federal government) and the ability to opt out of Obamacare…they might, just might, vote the other way.

Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco has 40% of all those companies allowed to opt out of Obamacare.  If that doesn’t say it all about Democrats in congress, I don’t know what does.  Let the rest of us “eat cake.”

It’s time to stand up America.  It’s time to say “stop throwing dirt in our faces.”

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