Egypt Has Surprised Me!

Our Foreign Aid to Egypt, as usual, bought us the appreciation of a deposed despot.

I must say I’m impressed with the conduct of Egyptians upon the resignation of Mubarak.  Nothing impressed me more than pictures of those same rebels pushing brooms in the town square to clean up the mess they’d made.  And I pray that they can hold it together and that I’ve been wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood.  I fear that “outside influences” have yet to have time to begin to sift into Egypt the rest of the Arab world. Those who went on television and said “Sharia Law has no place in politics,” obviously haven’t read Shira Law.  But one can hope, one can have a positive outlook, it’s part and partial of the human experience…let’s hope democracy in Egypt becomes a reality.  I also hoped that for Cuba, many years ago.  I can only hope and pray that if we, as a country, have learned one lesson from Egypt it’s the futility of foreign aid.  One souce says Mubarak has 60 billion stuffed away in Switzerland and other repositories, and another says 1 to 5 billion.  Either one is a travasity, and most likely came at the expense of hard working, tax paying Americans.

This from the NYT


CAIRO — As a new era dawned in Egypt on Saturday, the army leadership sought to reassure Egyptians and the world that it would shepherd a transition to civilian rule and honor international commitments like the peace treaty with Israel.

Exultant and exhausted opposition leaders claimed their role in the country’s future, pressing the army to lift the country’s emergency law and release political prisoners and saying they would present their vision for the government. And they vowed to return to Tahrir Square next week to celebrate a victory and honor those who had died in the 18-day uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak after nearly 30 years of authoritarian rule.

The rest of the article can be read in the New York Times.

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