It’s time to flood the White House with calls and faxes and emails.  Or use the contact form below.  I have.

This from the teaparty.net:

Are you prepared for Obama to grant over 20 MILLION illegals (including dangerous criminals) American citizenship? You better be – or you better be prepared to ACT NOW to stop it. Because TODAY, Obama is holding meetings that could determine if each and every illegal alien will be granted amnesty!

Right now, Washington is buzzing with the rumors that Obama is planning to circumvent Congress enacting stroke-of-the-pen AMNESTY for ALL illegal aliens in the United States via Executive Orders and Administrative Directives! Obama will once more defy the majority of Americans and DICTATE his narcissistic brand of tyrannical “democratic socialism” that I like to call OBAMALISM – doing the exact opposite of what the people demand. This is an overt violation of the Constitution!

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