Food At All Time High…Inflation Is The Four Horses Of The Apocalypse.

InflationInflation Raises It’s Ugly Head

All time high food prices.  Inflation is here.

That shadow you see in the above illustration is the fading dollar, thanks to Barney Frank and Harry Reid, and all those in congress who destroyed our economy with illusions and mirrors and trying to buy votes from those who couldn’t afford the 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths with which Frank and Reid tried to bribe America.  It’s yet to be seen if they destroyed her instead.  Inflation will be their great accomplishment.  Destroying the value of the dollar and your savings and mine will be their legacy.

As I’ve been saying time and time again, you can’t print money without backing and not expect inflation.  Now that there’s a creeping comeback, now that the country has some faith that the government is at least going to slow down spending, and corporations are spending and cautiously hiring again, prices will rise up and slap you and I in the face.  Major crops climbed thursday as a U.N. agency said food costs are now at their highest point since the agency began tracking them 22 years ago.  If that’s not inflation, I don’t know what is.

Global prices went up 2.2% in the last month alone, or so says the U.N’s Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome.  Leading the way are meat and dairy.  And much of it is driven by higher oil prices.  It costs more to drive that tractor when it costs more for you to drive your car.  Inflation runs rampant all through an economy.

We need to get off oil and onto natural gas in this country, because we have an excess, not a shortage of natural gas.  I’m encourage by the milage some new cars are getting, but we’re still way behind much of the rest of the world.  Kat and I took a train across Germany to Prague, and I was impressed by the fact 1/2 of the houses in Germany had a roof of solar panels.  We need huge technological advances.  How about a paint with interlocking fibers, that serves as a solar panel.  How about interlocking roof tiles, shingles, that are solar panels.  Both of the above are being done.  We need tax credits for the purchase of solar and wind products which actually work.  Driving down costs is the only cure for inflation.

You haven’t begun to see what’s going to happen in this country with inflation.  And who does it hurt?  It hurts those on fixed income, and that includes those on unemployment.  It hurts those with savings.  They’ve already destroyed the value of savings when you can only get 1/2% return on your savings account.  You think that doesn’t bode badly for the value of the American dollar?  it’s a catastrophe.

Plant your victory gardens, folks.  A 10 x 10 well thought out square of good old country folk hard work in the back yard may soon be worth more than you savings account.  Inflation can be somewhat offset with the “inflation” of your tomatoes and melons.

Inflation, rampant across the world, thanks to Barney Frank and Harry Reid and the rest of the great-give-away vote buying slobs in Congress.

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