Governor Palin to be featured on

This from Dick Morris:

I have some exciting — and urgent news to share with you!

Governor Sarah Palin is coming to join myself and Newsmax for a special webcast series.

On October 12, Gov. Palin with, will kick off this special pre-election online webcast series “Make America Great Again.”

I am urging every American to join Gov. Palin and Newsmax for this important program.

This election is simply too critical not to be totally informed on the key issues — and find out how you can make a difference at the local level.

As you may recall, “Make America Great” was Ronald Reagan’s slogan for his 1980 campaign.

And Michael Reagan, President Reagan’s son, will be hosting our webcast series. Michael will interview Governor Palin and other opinion leaders.

I will also be taking part in the program along with several other prominent opinion leaders.

We have a real chance to put the brakes on President Obama’s radical agenda. This “Make America Great Again” program is not to be missed!

Make sure you RSVP early to be part of Newsmax’s Governor Palin webcast.

To RSVP — Go Here Now.

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