Governor Scott Walker…American.

Governor Scott Walker Stood Up For America

We all owe Scott Walker a great big country THANKS.

Would it be fair to say that obstructing, interfering, attempting to destroy the democratic process is anti-American?  If so, the so-called Democrats in Wisconsin are not worthy of being called Democrats, or Americans.  Thugs, bullies, burglars, and anit-American would be my take on their actions.  When did Democrats stop respecting the democratic process?  When did physical abuse become part of the process?  Had I been calling the shots in the Wisconsin capitol, there would have been bean bag shots at least, and more than one busted head with a cop’s baton…if those hard heads could be busted.  Scott Walker showed great restraint.Scott Walker

And, let’s see, for what were they charging the ramparts?  How about fighting to retain their already excessive pensions and health care contributions?  Under the new Governor Scott Walker bill, now they’ll have to pay 50% of their contributions to retirement.  I don’t know about you, but no one’s kicking in an equal amount to my retirement?  I guess I should climb in the windows of my state capitol and act like an ape.  Oh, oh my, now they’ll have to contribute 12.6% of their health care premiums.  Whose paying 87.4% of yours?  And now the elected officials of Wisconsin will be on the same pensions as other state employees and teachers…what’s to argue about there?  Fairness?  And the savings will go into the general fund, for the benefit of all citizens of Wisconsin…boy, oh, boy, there’s a terrible thing.  And, yes, the bill makes changes in collective bargaining, so they won’t be able to railroad themselves into a position of being “more equal” than the rest of the citizens of the state any longer.  Oh, my, now they’ll have to be more like the real, hard-working, self-reliant private sector.  That’ll be a shock to their system.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Governor Scott Walker, who’s stand against the tyranny of the unions in Wisconsin will not only benefit the citizens of Wisconsin, and help them dig out from under the budget nightmare, but will benefit all of America.  He’s set a good example for politicians and citizens all over the United States.

God bless him, and the citizens of Wisconsin who stood by him.

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