Greta’s Goof Up


Greta, think it through next time!

I was disappointed to hear Greta Van Susteren refer to Congresses action in “defunding” NPR as a “Republican vendetta.”  That’s exactly the same mired thinking that the Wisconsin teachers and public employees have in thinking that politicians attacking deficits is some kind of “plot” against them personally or as a group.  It’s a paranoia that has to stop in this country if we are going to solve the much larger problem of runaway spending, of printing money with no backing, of unemployment, runaway prices, inflation, threatened Social Security, and disappearing health care.  It’s the “whose ox is gored syndrome.”

The current economic crisis in America is no less a threat than was the attack on Pearl Harbor or the German blitzkrieg.  And that was a time when we all pulled together…and it’s that time again.

Congress has got to attack the deficit in every nook and cranny.  When did we start thinking in this country that $451 million is an insignificant cut?  That’s exactly the kind of thinking that got our tit in this crack in the first place.  Like any thousand mile journey, you’ve got to begin with the first step, and a 14 trillon dollar national debt is a thousand mile journey for a one legged man, so it’s time to get started.

Greta, I’m sure you have friends at PBS and NPR, and I’m sure we all have friends in the myriad government agencies that will have to go under the knife before this problem is resolved.  But, Greta, you have a one of the highest soap boxes in the country, and let’s hope you become part of the solution, and don’t continue to be part of the problem.

It’s time to pitch in folks, and there’s going to be some blood letting from all of us.

Greta, get with the program.

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