In Response To My 2.85 Rounds Posting…

From a friend:

If the news media was reporting what’s really going on with the border with Mexico, you’d have a pretty good idea why HS bought a billion rounds of ammo. The reason Mexico is using their Navy & Marines in the war with the cartels is that the Mexican Army is almost completely corrupt & in the cartels’ pockets. This stuff is spilling over into our border towns–you don’t even want to go to Laredo any more, let alone Nuevo Laredo–& these guys are armed w/full-auto weapons. From Brownsville to San Diego, the US border is a war zone. Don’t ever let anyone try to fool you into thinking it’s anything else.

A couple of years back the Border Patrol, Hudspeth Co. deputies, & THP officers got in a shootout w/some druggies abt 20 mi up the Rio from Presidio. When it looked like our guys were gonna win it, a Mexican Army HUMV mounted with a .50 cal. MG showed up to back ‘em up. All our guys had were standard bulletproof vests & their unarmored vehicles, & Ma Deuce will go thru either one like a hot knife thru room-temp butter. Our guys had no choice but to back off. They’d shot ‘em up pretty bad before the army got there, so the baddies went back into Mexico. Of course, none of this got on the national news.

In Laredo earlier this year a car dealer refused to launder money for the Zetas. About a week later he found his teenage daughter’s headless body lying in front of the door to his business when he went to open it. That didn’t make the national news, either.

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