Is he is or is he ain’t a citizen?

11th state eyeing proof of Obama’s eligibility

How could we have elected a president and not bothered to vet his eligibility, particularly not determined his citizenship.  Obama continues to merely shine us on.  And worse, to use the court system, and now his power as president, and our tax dollars, to keep us from finding proof of his citizenship or lack thereof.  Is he a legal citizen, at least as required to run for the highest office in the land?

The push at the state level to ensure no future president enters office under the cloud of suspicion that he or she might not be constitutionally eligible, particularly might not be a citizen is growing.

At the request of a local tea-party group, Tennessee state Sen. Mae Beavers has filed a bill that would require presidential candidates to show an original birth certificate establishing constitutional eligibility, citizenship in particular, for the office before getting on the ballot beginning in 2012.

It’s my hope that every state in this land will confirm the constitution with it’s own state laws.  No, if your not a citizen, you can’t run in our state.

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