Is Today The Day?

The race against recall of Governor Scott Walker may be the most important election of the year, even more important than Nov. 4th.

Should Walker be recalled it will be a clear indication that the country has lost its sanity.  This election is a vote for or against sanity.  Voting to recall a politician for creating real jobs, not government funded (read you and I) jobs, for balancing the budget, for recognizing reality, is tantamount to putting your head in a place where the sun don’t shine.

This election is a true indicator of the health and sanity of the country…are more than half of us so ingrained with the cancer called ‘taking’ or are more than half of us still cognizant that self-pride and self-reliance is the only path to a healthy America?

Let’s pray this country is not over the edge, and that even some of those who’ve been on the dole, and I don’t only mean on food stamps and welfare, but also on a public pay check, have mustered up enough pride to vote for what’s right, not for the continuation of a government tit.  Let’s pray that the recall election is defeated and that it encourages the rest of the country to begin to clean up this mess before our children and grandchildren are doomed to live in a second rate society.

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