Obama’s After Your Internet Rights! Still….


Don’t Let Obama Control your Internet Rights!

The National Wireless Initiative is Obama’s Latest “New Deal”

to Control Your internet Activity and Shut Down Private Commerce

From Conservativeactionalerts.com

Barack Obama has been President for two years—and during that time we have seen unprecedented government expansion and invasive regulation of nearly every aspect of our lives: guns, land, commerce, healthcare, climate, banks, automobiles, energy and food.

But he’s still not satisfied. His latest target? The Internet.

There is a “perfect storm” of Internet regulation occurring in Washington, and chances are, you’ve heard very little about it in the press. That’s by design. Because if you knew what was REALLY going on, you’d be alarmed.

That’s why we are sending you this message today.

Americans are losing control to Obama’s Internet takeover.

HE IS TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR ONLINE IDENTITY The “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” program is designed to give all Americans a “National Internet ID.” It will be run through the Commerce Department, and will require you to have an “ignition key” to the Internet.

HE IS TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR INTERNET ACTIVITY The “Net Neutrality Act” gives government an Internet “kill-switch” they can use to shut down the information superhighway at any time, for any reason. It also expands FCC control over one of the most powerful realms of free speech.

AND NOW, HE IS TAKING CONTROL OF YOUR WIRELESS BROADBAND ACCESS On the day that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak stepped down, Obama was in tiny Marquette, Michigan, outlining his plans to “invest” the federal government in Wi-Fi delivery. Right now, 95 percent of the nation has access to broadband wireless—and Obama wants to spend $130 billion raising that number to 98%.

That’s right, while American taxpayers struggle to put food on the table and pay their bills, Obama is “investing” ONE-SIXTH OF THE STIMULUS BILL in a rural Wi-Fi initiative that will give wireless Internet access to ONLY THREE PERCENT more of the population.

Do you feel OUT OF CONTROL yet?

End of partial article….

Obama continues to interfer in your internet rights.  Don’t let him.  Write your senator and congressman.

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