Obama’s balls? Lost on the golf course?

If we don’t have a carrier group off the coast of Libya in a heartbeat, to respond to this ACT OF WAR, then this country is completely in the tank and not worth a bucket of piss.

Some fine young Americans were killed by a rag tag group of Muslim extremists (obviously backed by the Libyan government), and if the whole country of Libya, and yes, the whole Muslim world, has to pay a severe price that will live in their memory for many lifetimes, then we are not worth being called America, and not worth any of the sacrifices that have been given before by our sons in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, and the world over in earlier wars.

Unfortunately, we have a Muslim president whose primary wartime stance is apology and retreat; pride in America is not in his vocabulary and now we have another concrete example of the result of kowtow and apology that’s been the foreign policy of this administration.

No, we don’t have to put a boot on the ground, just take out their military establishment, and their oil fields.  Let the militant Muslims have their part of the world, after we get 100,000 lives for every American killed…they get exactly what they deserve.

I’ve said it time and time again, you can’t buy friends.  All extremists understand is force, and yes, innocents lose their lives, and that’s the price you pay for putting up with extremists in your midst.

Egypt is next, then Israel will fall to an atomic bomb if this president doesn’t get some balls other than those he uses to play golf.

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