Presidential Pandering….

Presidential Pandering

Somehow the image of the president kneeling by the front door of a supermarket with a tin cup and sign does not set well with me.  Fund raising by all politicians is way out of hand, and of course left up to them to correct it’s obvious it’s beyond their abilities.

On the same day I read that Gov. Scott Walker beat the hell out of the unions in the recall election and that Obama endorses gay marriage and a liberal federal judge, Urbanski, suggests that Christians remove four of the ten commandments, those four relating to God, I really begin to wonder about the juxtaposition of citizens of the good old U.S.A.

Clearly the most important of those issues was Walker winning against the state-tit sucking unions who spent an estimated 100 million dollars to recall him, as Urbanski is so far out of reality that he doesn’t count.  Now Walker’ll run against the same character he beat and beat badly to become governor.  I guess the attempted recall of this governor who did so much to sober up the citizens of his state with good old fiscal responsibility hit the hot button of a lot of us, we silent majority (I pray) out here in the Pea Patch, as even I sent $25.00 across three states to help save his job. And I guess those $25.00 contributions must have added up, as he WON.

Obama, who sees himself as super cool and now part of the Hollywood establishment may have tripped over his own ding dong with this one.  He supports gay marriage and suddenly the New York Times comes up with a story that high schooler Mitt Romney lead a “gang” who held down a gay student and gave him an unwanted hair cut.  I’m sure the kid had hair down to his shoulders which was way out of the norm in conservative Utah, but of course in today’s screwed up state of political correctness that would be a hate crime because many years later the student came out of the closet.  So Obama, rather than accuse Romney of homophobia  jumps on the bandwagon and supports gay marriage.  I personally think Obama’s affinity with Hollywood stems from the fact that both he and actors read their lines rather than originate their own thoughts.  Obama/So-Called-Hollywood-Stars…fellow travelers down the road to socialism.

But the president apparently pandered lots of dough from the dummies in Hollywierd, who almost floated out of their loafers to offer up alms…so whom will he pander to next?  Anyone with some green, it appears.  Even though Romney was not my candidate to begin with, I sincerely hope he beats the hell out of Obama just like Walker beat the hell out of the tit-sucking unions.



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