So as not to perpetrate a mistake….

So as not to perpetrate a mistake, I must bite the bullet on this particular aspect of the birth certificate issue.  Fox News hired an expert to analyze the document, and concluded that, yes, a scanner could break it into layers. I must presume they hired an anti-socialist.

Even though I always get a second opinion on medical issues, and only have one opinion on this one, and have attempted to replicate the expert’s technique unsuccessfully, I concede that OCR software may likely separate a document into layers.  OCR (optical character recognition) was designed to read a document.  I scanned three different documents on two different scanners and could not separate them, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen.

So, on this one, I apologize to the White House, as I was overly enthusiastic in trying to resolve the more important 14 trillion 3 billion issues.

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