The Internet Vultures…

The Australian government was the first to test-drive an Internet “kill-switch” on September 2, 2009 when they shut down the Internet for one hour to see if they could.

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak used Egypt’s “kill-switch” this past week. We know it works. We saw the results live on television. It now appears that every government in the world has the ability to silence the voice of their citizens by simply shutting off access to the Information Super Highway, the internet. It is mind-boggling. With a “kill-switch,” government can “pull the plug” if it feels that government is being threatened by terrorists, or any national emergency that will disrupt the nation.

For any government to trigger a “kill-switch” to block access to the Internet is government intrusion at its worst. Please read this email before it impacts your First Amendment rights. Barack Obama has delegated the authority to shut down the Internet in a “National Emergency” to the Federal Communications Commission so they could re-delegate that authority back to him. He didn’t need to “test-drive” what people are now calling the Internet “Kill Switch.” He knows it works.


Alan Gottlieb

Chairman, AmeriPAC

This was taken directly from the AmeriPAC site.  You’ve heard me time and time again condemn this threat to our internet freedom.  This is a critical 1st Amendment issue, and our forefathers are rolling in their graves.

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