The National Dope Dealer

The National Dope Dealer

Pat Buchanan said it like it is: Obama is the national dope dealer, who hands out federal hand-outs to those who’ve become dependent

When Romney said 47% of the country do not pay taxes, he was merely quoting a national statistic that’s been staring us in the face since Obama took office and is due only to increase until it breaks the back of our democracy, so long as we have an administration and congress who think buying votes is the only way to stay in office.

I’m incensed when I hear the administration and the national liberal press say that social security recipients are among those who don’t pay taxes.  That’s hogwash as I’m a recipient of social security and as I’m still working and still have other income and even though my SS is only about $750.00 a month, I pay taxes on it.  Congress saw to it that we have to pay taxes on our own money in order to get a small portion of it back.

It’s time to get off the needle, America, for like the addicts in the alley with crack babies, your children and grandchildren will be addicted as well…if they aren’t already so.

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