The Root Of Today’s Evils….

The Root of Today’s Evils

Bilingualism, Etc.

America is made up of a diverse cross-section of races and religions, and therein has lain her strength.  From all over the world people converged on this country of opportunity, of free speech, of freedom of religion.  Out of many, in times past, we became one.

In times past.  Today, we’re encouraged to embrace our roots, embrace our language of origin, ignore the commonality of one language, disdain the fact we had a Christian Judeo founding and morality.  And it is the path to the destruction of the promise of America, of all she’s become.

When past language was not only embraced, but made the law of the land with bi-lingual classrooms and ballots, we set aside the “melding” of America and legalized and encouraged her differences, not her commonalities.

It’s time to acknowledge English as our common language, and God as an integral part of our history…and hopefully our future.

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