This makes me “load my gun” crazy….

The Department of un-Justice, headed by a Barack Hussein Obama appointee, is cheating you, and everyone in this so called one man one vote democracy….

This from, and a big THANK YOU to them:

by Deroy Murdock

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Actually, it’s the Justice Department’s
Voting Section.

Justice’s unit that allegedly fights disenfranchisement lately has been caught dozing while at least nine
states too slowly deliver absentee ballots to overseas GIs. Too many
military votes thus may go uncounted in November.

In yet another outrage, the Voting Section is static while the rolls of at least 16
states evidently list ineligible voters, including non-residents,
disqualified felons, and – yes – dead people. Justice’s response?

Even worse, the Big Sleep at Justice seems totally deliberate.

As former Voting Section prosecutor J. Christian Adams testified under
oath July 6 before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, he attended a
November 2009 meeting in which Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie
Fernandes discussed the federal law that requires that local officials
purge illegitimate names from their voter rolls. Adams swore that
Fernandes told Voting Section prosecutors: “We have no interest in
enforcing this provision of the law. It has nothing to do with
increasing turnout, and we are just not going to do it.”

As Adams later wrote in an August 4 article:

Upon hearing this lawless announcement, seasoned Voting Section veterans and
managers had a look on their faces as if someone announced without
shame they were planning to steal box loads of office supplies. I was
there to hear the corrupt announcement firsthand. I saw the reactions.

So far, the Voting Section is living down to Fernandes’ low expectations.
If not willful disregard for federal statutes, only powerful sedatives
could explain how federal prosecutors could rest comfortably through
these simmering examples of voter-roll adulteration.

•The U.S. Election Assistance Commission reports that Arkansas, Colorado, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Tennessee
expunged precisely zero dead voters from their rolls between 2006 and
2008. The same applies to numerous counties in Alabama, Rhode Island,
and Virginia. Either these places are experiencing an explosion in
immortality, or they are violating federal law.

•Several Iowa and North Carolina counties feature more registered voters than live,
voting-age adults. This condition plagues at least a dozen counties each
in Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Texas. Registered
voters equal 104 percent of Baltimore County, Maryland’s voting-adult
population; and, according to documents that Adams filed, 113 percent in
Lincoln County, West Virginia. Alaska’s and Michigan’s statewide
figures are 102 percent.

•As Adams explains, July alone featured vote-fraud investigations, indictments, and convictions in: Atlantic
City, New Jersey; Troy, New York; Canton, Mississippi; Brooks County,
Georgia; Independence, Louisiana; Dillon County, South Carolina; Adair
County, Oklahoma; Muncie, Indiana; and especially Minnesota, “where
there have been dozens of felon voting indictments arising out of the
closely contested 2008 elections.”

•Duplicate registration plagues metropolitan areas that straddle state lines. In such spots,
people may reside in one state and work or study in another. Greater St.
Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, and Cincinnati occupy this category, as do
New York and Florida — to which tax-burdened New Yorkers often escape.

•Tarrell Campbell pleaded guilty in July for his actions in November 2008. He
voted in Illinois (where he was in college), drove across the
Mississippi River, and then voted again in St. Louis, his hometown.
Campbell claimed that when he voted in Missouri, he had forgotten his
vote in Illinois.

•Anne Enochs, a 69-year-old Memphis art teacher, was arrested in July for double voting — by accident, she claimed.

Such unacceptable electoral conditions could help candidates win, thanks to
graveyard landslides. But even barring that, America should leave
disheveled voter rolls to banana republics.

While the Voting Section naps, J. Christian Adams barely has time to blink. He has warned
16 states of potential lawsuits because they are violating the National
Voter Registration Act. Section 7 of this 1993 “Motor Voter” law
expands suffrage by requiring states to enroll voters at motor-vehicle
bureaus, welfare agencies, and other government offices. Simultaneously,
Section 8 requires states to update their records so that only eligible
voters — not cadavers — can cast ballots.

Motor Voter allows enforcement via private lawsuits against non-compliant states and voter
registrars. Adams is highly qualified for this duty, given his five
years in the Voting Section. He resigned last May 14 to protest Justice’s politicized mishandling of the New Black Panthers voter-intimidation case.

Other private attorneys should join this cause. Americans for Restoration welcomes the support of those who prefer to cast ballots without seeing ghosts.

Come Election Night, if the votes of live citizens are not diluted by those
of Deceased-Americans, it will be no thanks to Justice’s Voting Section.
They are enjoying an office-wide slumber party while America’s voter
rolls literally are haunted.

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