Trayvon Martin

As I’m traveling I don’t have time to really digest all that’s coming down in this Florida case, however I can assure you that rule by revolt is not what this country needs.  Forcing a multi million dollar prosecution due to public demand is not what this country needs.  Racial conflict in this case is a result of political expediency and will benefit no one, particularly Trayvon Martin.

Now the UN is sticking their noses into an internal matter in the United States, and if that doesn’t take the cake I don’t know what does?  They love the issue of firearms and would love to see them all gone from the U.S.  Then the next time an invasion of the U.S. is contemplated, as the Japanese did, there would not be the largest armed force in the world to contend with…the American hunter and gun enthusiast.  As far as I’m concerned we can move the U.N. to some kaka hole in Africa where they belong, and where parking is free so an American city doesn’t have to deal with millions of dollars of unpaid parking tickets.  As it is, it’s about time for all of us to line up behind Hillary and march to the U.N. building and turn in our guns.  You’ll soon be hearing that Trayvon’s death was your fault, because you own a firearm.

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