Unions, Is Thy Name Communist?


This sign of 50's communists?

Unions And Communism…Fellow Travelers?

Maybe it’s just part of unions psyche, but why can’t they act like the rest of America, and pitch in?

Does the poster above remind you of Communist Party posters of the 50’s and 60’s?  It should, it’s a Wisconsin public employees union poster meant to be placed in the windows of businesses supporting the union.  It’s a collective effort to destroy the businesses who are small and independent and may side with America in our effort to get spending under control in this country.

Gov. Scott Walker, stand tall, stay strong, drive these bums away from the trough and the public tit for the sake of all America.  It’s time to tell those who think they are “more equal” than the rest of us that the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution mean exactly what they say.

There’s something incongruous about teachers and strong arm tactics.  Take off your glasses, remove your pocket protector, don’t you dare use that pointer or throw any chalk or erasers…then let’s brawl???  It just doesn’t compute with me, but that’s what’s happening in Wisconsin.  Bomb threats?  Come on!  Get your dumb lazy asses back to the classroom and get to work, teachers, go ahead and get a years pay for nine months work.  But go to work just like the rest of us in this country.  Let’s all work together to save everyone’s pensions, not just your greedy butts.

These from the Patriot Action Network:

The Wausau Tea Party reported this week that unions are threatening local businesses across Wisconsin.

These graphics were sent to the Wausau Tea Party from a Wisconsin County Employee. The employee received them via government emails in messages from an AFSCME union Rep. The instructions were to put pressure on local businesses to make them aware that the unions are watching. “All public employees are being urged to look for this sign in business windows.”

From the union Rep: “I encourage you to utilize your own business contacts and urge them to hang this prominently in their window. The explanation that I’ve found works best if they are apprehensive is that this is about local dollars, not politics. If our buying power is destroyed—their business will be affected adversely. Please let your area lead know which businesses you get to participate so that they might compile a list to distribute to the members.”

The County Employee also received an email with the Union “Business Card” and was instructed to “make copies of the business cards” and “distribute to each business where you spend money.”

And this:

Following the state Senate’s vote to limit the bargaining power of public employees, a group of union protesters burst into a local eatery and confronted a small group of GOP senators who were having dinner.  The Columbus Dispatch reports:

After the vote on Senate Bill 5, seven Republican senators, including President Tom Niehaus, R-New Richmond, grabbed dinner at the Easy Street Cafe. As the lawmakers neared the end of their meal, a group of five to 10 union supporters angry about the passage of the bill hours before burst into the restaurant and began shouting.

The commotion eventually led to pushing and shoving with the restaurant staff and owner, before police arrived to calm the situation as a police helicopter hovered overhead. No senators were involved in the physical altercations, and no charges have been filed.

“It could have (gotten physical),” said Sen. Frank LaRose, 31, a Fairlawn Republican who served as a Green Beret. “The group was agitated and they were shoving the owner, and he had nothing to do with this.”

LaRose said it didn’t take special intelligence training to notice that while the lawmakers were eating, a woman walked past the window several times, poked her head in the door and got on her cell phone.

“It was planned,” LaRose said. “They gathered as a group and waited until they had about 10 people before they caused a disturbance.”

When the group burst into the restaurant, the woman, Monica Moran, deputy director of public affairs for SEIU District 1199, raised her hands in the air, yelled “Can I have your attention?“ and then shouted ”something nasty,” LaRose said. Soon after, the rest of the group of men and women joined in with a chant.

Restaurant owner George Stefanidis says police came after the protesters refused to leave. Witnesses said Stefanidis and his restaurant staff tried to hold the group back from the senators, but the altercation got heated when the agitators began pushing and shoving.

“They stormed through my dining room,” Stefanidis said.  “I told them they had to leave, and they wouldn’t.  There were about 70 people in the restaurant at the time.

And this:

On Wednesday a bomb threat was made at an aviation business in Eau Claire just hours after Governor Scott Walker spoke there. Police brought in a man who was protesting this week against the Republican governor.
The Pierce County Herald reported:

An investigation continues into a bomb threat made this week at an aviation business in Eau Claire, just hours after Governor Scott Walker held a news conference there.

Authorities said a 43-year-old Eau Claire man allegedly called in a threat to Heartland Aviation on Wednesday evening. The facility is next to the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport in Eau Claire. The man is free on a signature bond. No charges have been filed yet, but the man is due back in Chippewa County Circuit Court on April 19th.

Investigators said the man took part in public demonstrations at the airport on Monday and Wednesday. His home was searched yesterday, and police are checking phone records and interviewing people. Eau Claire Police have asked for tips with more information.

A bomb threat was called in on a Walker rally and the media doesn’t report on it?

The Unions are thugs and bullies and just can’t get it out of their actions and attitudes.  They, too, need a good old country ass whippin’.

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