On this Memorial Day, particularly on this day, but also on every other day, we should bow our heads and pray for those who’ve given their lives in the many Wars and police actions this country has involved herself in.  And we should beg forgiveness for not giving the full force and resources of this country to stand behind any whose lives we have put at risk.

As we ask our citizens to pay homage to America, America should pay homage to her citizens, and particularly to her military whom we ask, for a pittance, to risk their lives.

We continue to hear about the “war” in Iraq and Afghanistan, but what is “War?”  What we’ve been doing for years, since the real War, WWII, is certainly not war.  Not that it means less to those over 7,200 who gave their lives in those countries mentioned above, or their friends and families.  Nor to the 118,000 killed in WWI, nor the 405,000 killed in WWII, nor the 58,000 killed in Vietnam, nor those killed in smaller police actions before and since.  Nor should we forget those wounded, both physically and mentally in all those efforts to protect America and the American way.

It’s time we committed ourselves.  Let’s never again send a young man or woman into harm’s way without the full force of America behind them.

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Winston Churchill

That quote was as to WWII, but it applies to all our so-called wars.  Dead or maimed, the result is the same, be it a “police action,” or as it is called now, a “war.”   A war, to me, connotes total commitment, not a half-assed effort where Congress argues over the cost of body armor.  Peace is where young men bury old men, and War is where old men bury young men…and they should never be called upon to do so unless they have a clear conscience that they’ve done everything, EVERYTHING, to prevent that burial.

Korea was the beginning of American disregard for the lives of her soldiers.  When Truman, as much as I admire him for much of what he was compelled to do as our leader, failed those who fought in Korea, and failed the American people who depend upon our leaders to, if we offer up one American boy, fight with all our country has at it’s disposal.  We didn’t then, we haven’t since.  We allowed China to invade with impunity, when we should have bombed every military target INSIDE China, rather than allow them to duck behind their border.

I, for one, don’t think we should send one American boy or girl into peril without the full force of the country as a whole behind them.  NOT ONE.  I don’t think we should have stopped at the Chinese border in Korea, at bombing SAM sites in Vietnam no matter how many Russians were assisting in their construction, at the Iranian or Syrian border in Iraq if we suspected their involvement (and we damned well knew it), or at the Pakistani border in Afghanistan, for we knew they harbored al qaeda.  I thought the fact we sent kids into Iraq with badly armored Humvees and poor body armor was more than a crime, it was traitorous.  That’s not fighting a war, in fact, it’s un-American.

Those of us who are compelled to wait at home for those thrust into a foreign country, without a clear enemy, without uniforms on those they are expected to either embrace or kill (and they look identical),…we at home, we who believe in America, the America of WWII, find it hard to understand.  Such was the “war” in Korea, in Vietnam, and in Iraq and Afghanistan, wars of “who’s the enemy,” we wonder the validity of it all.  Yes, 9/11 was a compelling reason to seek revenge and I would have led the pack, frothing at the mouth to bring down those responsible. But I would have expected the unrelenting, undeniable support of the American people.  Certainly not inferior armor and the half-assed support of Congress while giving themselves annual raises.  Every dime Congress takes as a raise represents one drop of blood shed by an American boy or girl, so long as those dimes could have gone to support the “war” effort.

Now that a goodly number of those responsible for 9/11, including the master planner, bin Laden, have been brought to task, are we now to merely await another attack in order to determine who among the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world hate us enough to risk their lives, or sacrifice their lives attacking America.  How often do we have to be told that Muslims hate us?  How often do we have to hear that Muslims revere the Quran and it’s resultant Sharia Law and support it with their lives, when Sharia Law says you can kill an infidel (that’s you and I) with impunity, and can lie to infidels about your intent with impunity?

I guess we have to hear it until we shed ourselves of a president whose brother and father were Muslim, and whom I suspect is, at the very least, a Muslim sympathizer…remember he said Israel should pull back it’s borders to fifty years ago…if not a closet Muslim himself.  And I believe that when he entered college and has now hidden those entrance applications, he claimed thereon to be Muslim.  Otherwise why would he have spent 2 million in legal fees to keep those records hidden?

If it comes to that again, I hope this country remembers and reveres the sacrifice that has gone before those killed in Afganistan and Iraq, as well as those brave young men and women…and should it be necessary ever again to risk the life of a young American, I pray it’s done with the full force of American arms and American will behind those sent into battle.  If not, I fear for my country.  It’s been too long that we’ve done things half assed.

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