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What would Teddy Roosevelt have done with Mexico?

The first report of this incident I saw said the car was flying an American diplomatic flag.  I know that foreign embassies are considered to be the “country” they represent, and an attack on an embassy is considered an actual attack on that country.  Does it follow than an attack on an embassy car, flying the country’s flag and embassy flag is also considered to be “that country?”  If so, Mexico has attacked the U.S.A.  Maybe we should suggest to them that they clear their troops out of all the Mexican border states as we are retaliating, and go ahead and solve this drug cartel problem ourselves.  It’s a lot more intimate problem than Iraq or Afghanistan, and the Mexicans damn sure aren’t doing much about it.  When they start killing American agents, it’s way over the line.  What would Teddy Roosevelt have done?

This from The Patriot Update:

Mexico Killers Knew Men Were From U.S.

U.S. officials close to the investigation say they have no evidence to suggest the agents were targeted because of their work. The officials said they were still exploring possibilities, including that the gunmen, believed to be from a drug cartel, may have thought the agents worked for a rival cartel or simply wanted to steal the Americans’ armored SUV—a favorite among cartels.

That the gunmen fired on the agents knowing they were Americans, however, suggests cartels in Mexico are becoming more reckless and a greater danger to U.S. citizens, lawmakers said.

“This is a wake-up call for all of us in the U.S. that this is a big issue which the U.S. needs to focus on,” said Rep. Ben Quayle (R., Ariz.), who was also briefed by ICE officials.

For more on Mexico go to:

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