When did “entitlement” become the antonym of “earned?” Social Security

social security

Social Security

When did “entitlement” become the antonym of “earned?”  Is social security welfare?

Social security is not an entitlement in the same way welfare is a so-called entitlement.  As I recall, after 50 years of doing so, those of us entitled to social security actually paid into Social Security.  It was our investment in retirement.

Now, suddenly, the administration and congress don’t have enough money to pay Social Security, or at least won’t in the near future.  I ask you, if money was invested and then only paid out to those who had invested, wouldn’t there be enough money?  The so-called baby boomers who will soon flood social security PAID into the program, only to have it squandered by congress to buy votes, spent on other programs which they felt would benefit them, not the budget.  My mother paid into Social Security for more than fifty years, to receive about $550 a month when she reached 65.  A first time applicant for Social Security, even if he’d paid $1.00 into the program, or probably nothing at all, received the minimum of $650 a month.  Is it any wonder the rocket scientists who run the program, or the congressmen who supposedly oversee the program, can’t make it work?

Social Security taxes (income to the program) were $862 billion in 2010 and Social Security paid out $701 billion.  Do you suppose the excess of $161 billion was invested to “secure” the future payment to those actually entitled?  Or do you think it went to pay whatever else congress decided to squander the money upon?

Congress cries and whines about the budget, about Social Security, about defense, about so called entitlements…but congress has and has always had the purse strings and the money is there to balance the budget.  If you have a dollar in income you can only spend a dollar.  What’s so damn tough about that concept?

Who are these imbeciles?

Social Security is not an entitlement, it’s a debt to all those who paid in and expect to have the promised retirement income.

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  • Michele Morgan:

    Mr Martin,

    Thank you for writing this article. I was beginning to think I was wrong about Social Security “entitlement” and where my money that I’ve been paying into for over 35 years has gone.

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