Mr. Geithner, when you know you’re losing, change direction….

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner now is saying that, contrary to his recent dire warnings of “catastrophic economic consequences” should Congress fail to increase the nation’ debt limit, there has been an apparent unexpected increase in projected tax revenue, and the deadline for possible default has been benched until mid-spring.  So, Mr. Geithner, you were obviously wrong, now change, so you’re right?  You sound like the rest of the Obama administration.

The debt limit (the legal limit which the Congress allows the U.S. government to borrow to pay its bills) currently stands at $14.29 trillion.

In his Jan. 6, 2011, letter to Congress stating the urgency for the increase, Geithner advised that there was $335 billion of “headroom” beneath the current limit and further estimated that “the debt limit will be reached as early as March 31, 2011, and most likely sometime between that date and May 16, 2011.”

Geithner has been wrong so often he should be the laughing stock of Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader…or whatever that show is/was called. Geithner is just another cog in Obama’s broken wheel. Tim Geithner, go home.

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