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Here is this week’s editorial from Wealth Wire…
By Christian DeHaemer | Saturday, April 14th, 2012

I’ve had it. This is the last straw, the edge of the cliff, the bitter end of the rope.

Hey, political #@$% man! Here’s a chart for you look at…

See that country, right there on top?

That’s Canada, our good neighbor to the north.

Crude Oil Imports: Top 15 Countries
(Thousand Barrels per Day)
Country Sept-11 Aug-11 YTD 2011 Sept-10 YTD 2010

CANADA 2,324 2,240 2,157 1,937 1,971
SAUDI ARABIA 1,465 1,075 1,180 1,082 1,072
MEXICO 1,099 1,150 1,113 1,108 1,132
VENEZUELA 759 806 893 919 928
NIGERIA 529 854 826 1,107 1,018
COLOMBIA 510 365 364 308 328
IRAQ 403 637 473 422 464
ECUADOR 299 303 203 229 215
ANGOLA 283 311 323 404 413
RUSSIA 275 252 246 286 295
BRAZIL 163 213 225 177 270
KUWAIT 145 165 164 172 204
ALGERIA 139 140 204 366 337
CHAD 74 32 54 30 14
OMAN 72 52 39 0 0

We import almost twice as much oil from Canada as we do from Saudi Arabia.

We don’t even have to go to war halfway around the world to ensure we get this oil. We don’t have to twist our beliefs like a pretzel, or pay massive bribes to tribal thugs, either. Nor do we have to spend a trillion dollars we don’t have.

To paraphrase Bismarck, the Middle East isn’t worth the bones of one American grenadier.


This CEO Accidentally Reveals a Big Secret

Experts say North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Pool may hold 4-6 billion barrels of sweet, light crude.

But the CEO of the biggest Bakken oil company just let it slip that there’s as much as 24 billion barrels.

The thing is, there’s very little land left for drilling leases…

And that means Bakken oil companies may be worth 300%-400% more than most investors now believe.

You can watch this CEO’s incredible video footage HERE.

I Love Canada

Ever been to Toronto, Quebec, or Vancouver? Those are great towns. They are clean, prosperous, and friendly.

Heck, Canadians are generally easy to get along with. They have beer and play baseball and everything…

If were in charge of a country in the depths of the biggest recession in three generations, I would bend over @#$-backwards to be nice to my largest supplier of energy.

I would bring them tea and ask them if they want a pillow… tell them the Blue Jays have a shot at a pennant this year.

What I’m saying is our closest ally — the one that shares the longest non-militarized border in the world — has enough energy to make the U.S. an industrial powerhouse again.

Do you hear what I’m saying, you clueless clowns down in D.C.?

We have a freakin’ godsend, and Obama — for reasons known only to him — decides to kick the golden goose with a hobnailed boot.

As Brian Hicks wrote yesterday about Canada:

With as much as 1.7 trillion barrels of oil now within recoverable reach from their massive oil sands mega-formations, this nation has in its grasp more than six times the oil of Saudi Arabia’s reserves.

If that weren’t enough, they have a total landmass second only to Russia — including some of the world’s richest mineral reserves.

This nation is home to the world capital of precious metals and mineral mining, a city that consistently ranks as one of the most livable cities on Earth.

That seems like a country you might work a deal with, a little give-and-take, do some business…

One might even exert pressure on the Canadians to ensure they sell oil only to Uncle Sam — and not to our biggest economic rival.

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