Why burn expensive jet fuel?

If it wasn’t so scary that China suddenly popped up with an incredible fighter jet that our “intelligence” knew nothing about and had no idea was even in the works, this would be funny.  Actually it only proves how thrifty the Chinese are.  Why go out and do an expensive video shoot of their jet shooting down another aircraft when you can steal a scene out of TOP GUN (one of my favorite flicks).

A few days ago, China Central Television showed footage of what they claimed was an air force training exercise conducted on January 23. From the looks of things, they were actually just playing clips from Top Gun.

The clips in question were reportedly aired during the News Broadcast program on China Central Television, the major state television broadcast company. They supposedly showed a J-10 fighter firing a missile at another aircraft during a practice exercise.

But an internet commenter quickly pointed out that the aircraft the J-10 was shown shooting down was an F-5, an American aircraft, and the very one Tom Cruise guns down in a scene from Top Gun. Comparing frames from the CCTV broadcast and Top Gun, well, they’re lookin’ pretty much identical.

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