Killing the Goose… : Public Unions.

Public Unions

Weight of the World on Taxpayers Shoulders

Public Unions Should be Taken Out of the Equation

It’s time we outlawed political contributions from Public Unions.  No other political contribution source is so directly attached to the largess of congress than, obviously, public employees.

Why should public employees be able to excerpt political muscle with money originating from the taxpayer?  You pay every payroll received by public employees from the Department of Agriculture right down to the kindergarten teacher in your local school, they in turn pay into their unions who use your money to legislate for higher wages and less work…your pocket is picked to improve the power if not the skills of the pickpockets, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it unless it’s outlawed.

Unions played a critical role in this country, particularly at the turn of the last century when they got reasonable pay, reasonable hours, reasonable lunch and rest breaks…but that was before the time and reform of the law and the courts.  Now if an employee is treated badly or overlooked for promotion because of race or religion, or even age, they are protected by a number of public agencies and eventually have redress in the courts.  Public sector wages increased 38% over the past dozen years while private sector wages increased only 10%, and those statistics are a couple of years old and I’m sure more disproportionate today.  It’s time the steamroller of Public Unions ran out of gas, as its you and I getting flattened into the mud.

Only so much blood can be taken from the turnip of private enterprise, from each and every one of you out there who are not on the public tit.  Particularly when 47% don’t pay any income tax, the source of federal public employee wages.  The iceburg is melting at the bottom, and is about to roll over, and what will that public sector do when all those in private enterprise are thrown into a cold sea, and it’s almost too close to contemplate.

It’s time we banned political contributions from public unions.

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